• At Craigdon Mountain Sports Inverurie & Aberdeen we offer a gold standard ski and snowboard boot fitting service.
  • Our service is accompanied by our Bootfit Guarantee - we guarantee the fit of your boots for up to two years.
  • To find out more about the Bootfit Guarantee or book a boot fitting appointment with a member of our highly trained staff, please email or call either our Aberdeen or Inverurie shop to arrange a time that suits you.
  • Aberdeen:
  • Inverurie:
  • Aberdeen: 01224 624333
  • Inverurie: 01467 625855


  • Standard Service - From £36.00 - Base grind, base structuring, minor P-Tex base repair, sharpen edges, wax base, hand finish & de tune.
  • Major P-Tex Repair - Additional £5.00 - £30.00
  • Patch Repair by Quote - £20.00 per Patch.
  • Wax & Edge - £20.00
  • Wax Service - £10.00
  • Binding Mounting - Free for all skis and bindings purchased from us.
  • Drill Mounting with jig - £40.00
  • Drill Mounting without jig - £80.00 
  • Rail Mounting (where no drilling is required) - £20.00
  • Binding Adjustment & Din Setting - £10.00
  • Liner Moulding - £20.00
  • Custom Shell Moulding - £30.00
  • Boot Stretching - Free for all boots purchased from us.
  • Shell Point Stretch - £20.00 per point.
  • Skin Cutting Service - £15.00
  • Express Service - £10.00 Extra.

Turn Around Time: 3-10 days depending on time of the year.

ALL KIT  (skis, skins, boots, poles)

  • £40 PER DAY
  • £160 PER WEEK



  • £30 PER DAY 
  • £130 PER WEEK


Ski Touring Rentals available at our Aberdeen store only - see in store for details. 


Binding Freedom is a solution available for skiers looking to swap between multiple sets of bindings on a single pair of skis or use one set of bindings on multiple pairs of skis. Binding Freedom inserts are the best solution to getting the most out of your quiver. Unlike a Heli-coil the inserts are sealed to ensure that no water/moisture can penetrate the core of the ski. Featuring a slotted top on the insert, and a dedicated install tool they can easily be installed at home or by our Ski Tech at our Inverurie shop. Binding Freedom screws feature a Pozi #3 screw head. This allows more purchase between screwdriver and screw for more secure mounts and less wear to help prevent stripping screws out.


Charges: £60 per set of holes. (Plus cost of screws and inserts)

Note: Not a same day service as the glue takes 24 hours to set.

To book an appointment please call our Inverurie shop on 01467 625855 or email

Binding Freedom
Binding Freedom
Binding Freedom
Binding Freedom
Binding Freedom
Binding Freedom
Binding Freedom
Binding Freedom


To find out what screw length you require for your binding and for some tips on measuring your binding stock screws, you can visit the Binding Freedom website here. 

Alternatively you can call the Inverurie shop on 01467 625855 or email

For FAQ's about Binding Freedom please visit the Binding Freedom website here.

If you wish to install the inserts at home you can visit the Binding Freedom website for instructions here.